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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Fort Lauderdale, Florida (May 9, 2010)




(May 9, 2010)    BREAKING NEWS!!!  Wendy White of the New Light Foundation, Inc.

  and Vanessa Garcia of The Krane, Inc.
 are proud to present a special benefit staged reading of their newest production Two Islands consisting of two shows entitled Island Blogosphere and The Jewish Nun. The reading takes place on Friday, June 25, 2010 at the ArtServe Gallery located at 1350 East Sunrise Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  A cocktail reception begins at 7:30 and Curtain rises at 8pm.

Two Islands has an exciting road ahead as it will have its Off-Broadway debut in New York City at the 59E59 Street Theater this July 2010 and its international debut at the upcoming Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland this August 2010 followed by a run in Los Angeles and a return to Miami as a full-fledged production.

Be the first in South Florida to see Two Islands: The Jewish Nun and Island Blogosphere at Art Serve in Fort Lauderdale!  The Fort Lauderdale performance is a special benefit performance to raise funds for the actors’ travel expenses and their stay in Scotland as they represent the United States, and South Florida specifically.


Island Blogosphere – By Vanessa Garcia

Performed by Nicole and Vanessa Garcia - Directed by Vanessa Garcia & Wendy White


This is the story of what happens when a young ABC (American Born Cuban) attempts to visit Cuba for the first time, but is prevented by politics and the sudden illness of a family member. Instead, she chooses to virtually befriend a group of bloggers that have been bravely blogging out of Cuba. It is as much a political story as it is a deeply personal journey into the heart of love, family, and, ultimately, what it means to be Cuban in the 21st century – a century that seems to be on the cusp of opening up an island that has been locked from the world for far too long.


The Jewish Nun - By Wendy White

Performed by Casey Dressler - Directed by Wendy White & Vanessa Garcia


The Jewish Nun’s self imposed celibacy during an era of free-love propels her into a hysterical journey of close encounters of every kind – only to be punished by puritanical family members and cast out of society – an honest portrayal of the coming of age in an era of labels and tribal conformity filled with reckless abandon, amorous explorations and a momentous struggle between religious purity and the temptations of love and sex. 


Apart from being politically and socially relevant, the show is also fully produced, directed, written, and acted by women. Two Islands will appeal to both men and women – the themes are not related to women alone. However, our choice to have women spear-heading this venture is important. The Krane and New Light wish to bring significant female roles to the fore, as so often women can be sidelined. Part of the endeavor, therefore, is to not only bring South Florida artists out into the world but, in this case, to showcase the talented women of South Florida.


“Two Islands is truly a dream come true – an opportunity to explore a lifetime of romantic temptations and transform it all to the written word – it is truly an honor and a constant source of inspiration to share this creative adventure with the very talented playwright and artist, Vanessa Garcia and our charismatic actors Casey Dressler and Nicole Garcia – what a dynamic team we are!” states Wendy White, Playwright, Director and President of the New Light Foundation, Inc.


I feel like taking theatre to the global level is part of our mission, starting at home, and moving abroad really showcases what’s here in Miami to the world. It’s important. It’s also important because it creates an exchange. I’m sure we’ll meet people abroad that we can then bring to Miami to further culturally infuse the local communitywhat we’re doing is starting a conversation,” says Vanessa Garcia, Founding Director of The Krane, Inc.



We would be honored if you join us at our benefit performance, but if you won’t be in Fort Lauderdale that evening, we would welcome your donation via check or via our website:

, where you will see our new “Make a Donation” button, via the secure Pay Pal website. For the Krane, you will find this in the “sponsor” section.

If you would like to make a contribution via check, you may send your donation to: The New Light Foundation, Inc. c/o Wendy White 6000 North Ocean Blvd., Suite 14C, Lauderdale by the Sea, Florida 33308.

Be sure you write a note that says, "Help Send the Actors to Scotland!  Upon doing so, you will receive a letter back from us noting that your donation is tax deductible.

Below you will find more background information about us, if you would like to peruse it.

What We Do:

 The Krane and New Light are non-profit corporations which, together and individually, bring affordable theatre and art events to the Greater Miami/Fort Lauderdale communities and beyond.


“We work to bring theatre, visual art, music, and literature that matters, that is inclusive and relevant to our time and place in the world, to you,” says Garcia. Apart from putting on shows and events for the community we also outreach at private and public schools, bringing our performances to them and teaching workshops.

In addition, we teach art and theatre classes for children and adults on a one-on-one and group basis. We bring writers and artists to give lectures and participate with the community. Our fundraising events not only enable us to bring more of what we do to the community, but also help us contribute to larger causes. In the past we have donated to the Twin Towers Orphan Fund and we are currently planning several events to benefit disaster relief and homelessness as well as causes linked to art therapy. Please see our websites for more info.

Who We Are:


The New Light Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit foundation whose mission it is to provide arts, education, and cultural community outreach and is dedicated to helping young people pursue an education regardless of their financial circumstances. 10% of New Light art and theater sales are set aside to fund an annual scholarship awarded to deserving young people from the local community who are entering college.  The candidates are artistically inclined individuals with good grades who are community service oriented.  New Light’s intention is to encourage achievement, not just for the best and brightest students, but also to those who are in the process of finding and discovering their potential. 

Presently, Wendy White is focusing on achieving her dream of international cultural exchanges in order to create a universal bridge of peace between all the countries of the world.


The Krane draws its name from the construction cranes of new urban centers as well as from ancient myths and legends of the crane bird. Legend has it that the Taoist sages were transported between heavenly worlds on the backs of Cranes.


Our company of artists, actors, painters, writers, dancers, and musician are Miami natives who have traveled the world in life and study – from New York City to Ghana; Japan to South America, we have degrees from Ivy Leagues, have lived through New York city during 9/11; New Orleans pre-Katrina; Europe, before and after the European Union. We are young, we have seen the world, and we are ready to bring it to Miami – a city whose rhythm has called us all back to her.


Your support will greatly help the Krane and the New Light Foundation continue their theatrical performances throughout the world.


Thank you for supporting the arts!




Vanessa Garcia                                   

Founder and Artistic Director                                   

The Krane, Inc.                           





Wendy White

Co-Founder and Artistic Director

New Light Foundation, Inc.