The South Florida School

Captivated by the South Florida landscape's compelling visual components of reflected light, color and natural beauty this series of paintings is focused on the elements of Sea, Sky, and Palms. Many of these paintings are created out doors, from life, and often are not actual scenes but a compilation of elements such as sky, water, land, flora and weather conditions resulting in unique and at times surreal compositions.
The challenging aspects of capturing moving ocean and clouds and the highly structural details of palms are highly inspiring. These works are intended to be a new and fresh interpretation of tropical landscape painting.

Roland Ruocco Artist
New Light Studio, Florida USA

August Wind Roland Ruocco
August Storm Roland Ruocco
Dawn Roland Ruocco
Everglades Glow Roland Ruocco
August Wind
August Storm
Everglades Glow
Heaven 5 Roland Ruocco
Islands Roland Ruocco
Morning Glow Ruocco
Seashore Roland Ruocco
Morning Glow