Mini's by Wendy White - A Re-Definition of Space - Where Less is Truly More.

Wendy White's minis are a continual source of inspiration and exploration of her abstract impressionist style in which she re-defines space and time by maximizing her paintings on a small scale - in proportion to her paintings that are over 7 feet in height and 5 feet in width. It is a true exercise in artistic proportion and re-definition of size to focus and expand the image to go beyond all limitations.  As a playwright and as an artist, Wendy knows that "less is more" and in that simplicity she constantly discovers there are no limits and all things are possible.  From the micro-mini with dimensions of 1" x 2" to the mural that expands to 54 foot long - her work is a reflection of artistic purity and hope.

Wendy White Artist
New Light Studio, Florida USA

Cliff Wendy White
Holland Farm Wendy White
Lighthouse 2 Wendy White
My Shoes Wendy White
Holland Farm
Lighthouse 2
My Shoes
Redhouse Wendy White
Sea Cliff Wendy White
Small Lighthouse Wendy White
Small Redlight Wendy White
Sea Cliff
Small Lighthouse
Small Redlight
StageCoach Wendy White
Tidal Over Manhattan Wendy White
Yellow Sky Wendy White


Tidal Over Manhattan

Yellow Sky