Mini's by Wendy White - "To paint with oils until the canvas illuminates light itself"

I paint with the sensitivity of divine inspiration. Each painting is a medium in which I channel energies from the creative realm in order to manifest on the canvas. Using the medium of oils and glazes I strive to achieve a resonance of light that the "Old Masters" utilized in the Impressionist era.

I often paint to music, and have found “rhythm” the unifying element of all the art forms including painting, writing, dance, and theatre. Each painting becomes a drum, as the "rhythm" of each brush stroke develops into a beating crescendo of colors vibrating to a complete musical symphony of tone. The rhythm floats the form - and the painting is revealed.

Each painting has a destiny; and it is not I as the artist to keep - the art of painting is a gift in which I received in order to survive and I have learned to help others by utilizing this gift for the better good of the world…

Painting is a consistent source of inspiration. As each canvas goes forth in the world they are gifts of light for all to enjoy.

Wendy White Artist
New Light Studio, Florida USA