Modern Times

As a result of working for several years in old factory building studios in the DUMBO and Williamsburg districts of Brooklyn, and proximity to the East Village in Manhattan I was exposed to artistic styles and mind sets, which influenced the Social and Political aspects of this series that speaks about American culture from a historic, current and futuristic point of view.
Using shock, satire and humor I express my awe and outrage of the extent of waste and complacency in modern society. Driving home the simple reality that no matter how important some humans and their institutions may appear they are invariably overshadowed and undermined by their blatant limitations and their utter absurdity. These paintings. intended as courageous and timeless statements by the artist often incorporate illustrative, comic book, graffiti and more traditional painting styles.

Roland Ruocco Artist
New Light Studio, Florida USA.

After Hours Roland Ruocco
Dino Roland Ruocco
How the Game Roland Ruocco
King Tif Ruocco
After Hours
Dinosaurs Lament
How the Game is Played
King of the World
Make my Day Ruocco
Suburbs Roland Ruocco
The Next Step Ruocco
Waste Roland Ruocco
Make My day
Teh New Suburbs
The Next Step
How I Got Mine