The New Earth

This series communicates hope and the knowledge that we humans are co- creators and masters of our collective reality.
When our mass consciousness reaches a critical mass for peace, then that will be so. The emergence of the the Sacred Feminine in the new age of Aquarius is critical to achieve the more equitable balancing of male & female energies necessary for these transformations. In these works I celebrate that emergence along with other marginalized entities such as indigenous people, members of the animal world and the earth itself. Set in the near future the style of this series is inspired by17th and 18th century Romantic paintings. It depicts ethereal energies, magic, and inter-dimensional connections that lie beyond our current mass mindset.

Roland Ruocco Artist
New Light Studio, Florida USA

The Peace Train Roland Ruocco
Secret Chamber Roland Ruocco
End of War Roland Ruocco
Hev on Earth Roland Ruocco
The Peace Train
Secret Chamber
End of War
Heven on Earth
Meditation Lake Roland Ruocco
War Roland Ruocco
Choices 2 Roland Ruocco
Emerging Roland Ruocco
Meditation Lake
War, What is it Good For...
Choices 2